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April 21, 2012
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AC:D Cecilio Buitre by MAPle-meg AC:D Cecilio Buitre by MAPle-meg

I finally got this app together after it being incomplete for almost half a year. |'D Hello laziness. I'm open to rp via whichever method o v o)/ so long as you are interested in rping with my shitty character ahaha;;;

    ALSO hover over the [?]. I programmed it to have interesting facts pop up e 0 e)/ hope you enjoy and that its not TL;DR


Cecilio De Buitre

    ▫ Name: Cecilio De Buitre [?]

    ▫ Age: 26 (twenty six)

    ▫ Gender: Male

    ▫ Height: 6’2” ft [?]

    ▫ Birthday: April 16th 1486

    ▫ Birthplace: Spain – Aragón Community –Zaragoza Province [?]

    ▫ Rank: Recluta/Recruit

    ▫ Stats:
      - HP 3 (+0) = 3
      - STR 9 (+0) = 9
      - DEF 5 (+0) = 5
      - DEX 2 (+0) = 2
      - AGI 1 (+0) = 1

    ▫ Likes:

      - QUIET TIME
      - Women
      - His pet Bearded Vulture
      - Occasionally sparing
      - Kicking people off the top of buildings
      - Night time & the stars
      - Gardening & and fresh vegetables
      - Being unnoticed (aka hiding his scar)
      - Speaking in his native tongue (Spanish)

    ▫ Dislikes: More like Terrified of:

      - Loud get-togethers
      - Flirty people / or people that flirt with him [?]
      - Completely Terrified of Courtesans
      - Talk of the Inquisition
      - The Church (mainly its ideologies)
      - Whips & Chains
      - Torture (Of any person, Assassin, Templar, Civilian...)
      - The fact he doesn’t understand 80% of the Italian that comes his way
      - Walking into poles
      - Jumping into poles
      - Falling down stairs
      - Falling off buildings
      - Getting hurt cause he can’t see where he is going half the time;;;;;

    ▫ Personality:

      Introvert: Cecilio is a big introvert. He was always shy as a kid, and most of his friends were just his family. He gets embarrassed easily, and blushes like mad when this happens. Luckily he has his mask to hide that half the time. Half the time.

      Close guarded: As a recent addition to the Brotherhood, he’s not too sure how they’ll take his history. He prefers to keep his last name, history, and sometimes the scar on his face hidden. For now.

      Noble: He has a demeanour around him that hints at nobility. No matter how he tries to hide it sometimes it shows. Whether it be through the odd way he walks, eats, and addresses people. Or at least when he tries to address people.

      Stubborn: When he has his mind set on something he will try and make sure it is done. He refused to learn Italian to smite his father when they first arrived in Italy. Though now he’s starting to regret it, now that he is living on his own.

    ▫ Biography:

      Cecilio was born in 1486, during the midst of the early Spanish Inquisition. His family hailed being part of the nobility within the Aragón domain of Spain, and used this power to revolt against the Crown and the Church when the Inquisition began. They were non-believers, better known as atheists, and feared that they would be judged and murdered for their ‘heritic values’ against the church.

      Prior to Cecilio’s birth, in the year of 1484, the cities of Aragón resisted the Inquisition. In 1485, the country saw a revolt, and along with it, the murder of the Inquisitor Pedro Arbués. Cecilio’s father had a hand in this murder, though he did not delivering the final killing blow to the man. The people of Aragón hoped to show the rest of Spain that the Inquisition was unjust and could be stopped, with this act of defiance. However things turned sour when the dead Inquisitor was made into a martyr, and public opinion turned against the people of Aragón. The slaughter of many converts, Jews, non-believers, and people of other faiths ensued…

      Cecilio’s family escaped their death by hiding behind a façade of Christianity.

      Although Cecilio was born under stressful circumstances, he did enjoy his childhood. He had an older sister to always take care of him, and later two younger twin sisters to play with. His mother was sweet but sharp, courtesy of playing the political game from behind the scenes, while his father was always humorous yet a tad hard headed.

      Cecilio, being the only son and therefore only heir, grew up under the watchful eye of his father. Though it was more teasing than watchful, as Cecilio would tend to have his ass handed to him, by his old man, while he trained. He grew to succeed in many forms of combat, but was best at fencing and deadly with his sword.

      In 1505, when Cecilio and his father left to go out to the country on a falconing expedition, the family home was raided under the command of the current Inquisitor, Tomás de Torquemada. After hearing news that another rival noble family had dirt on the Buitre’s, the Inquisitor sprung into action, and began investigating. When it was discovered that the family were heretics, and had a hand in the murder of Arbués, Inquisitor Torquemada was swift in sending troops to surround and capture the family home. Much to his annoyance, the head of the family and his heir were long gone in the woods hunting…

      None the less, that didn’t stop Torquemada from murdering, disfiguring, and burning the remaining people in the house, including Cecilio’s three sisters, his mother, the servants, and the keepers. Everyone was judged, tried, and sent to the slaughter house. By the time Cecilio and his father returned from their hunting trip, all had been found guilty on trial and half of them were murdered. His mother was burnt on the night of their return. Cecilio tried to intervene with this and save his mother, counter to his father’s pleas of laying low. However Cecilio was spotted and caught, before any heroic saving could be done. He was imprisoned and interrogated about his fathers location, and received a wound to his face and eyes that would hider his eyesight for the rest of his life. Yet before the interrogation could go any further that night, the people of Aragón broke Cecilio out, and helped him escape back to his father.

      Inquisitor Torquemada knew that his prey was in the city, and searched furiously for the father and son during this time. However the two had been hidden by a Morisco family of lesser nobility. When the time came, and no one was left to keep them there, Cecilio and his father fled Spain, and after a bit of a detour along with chasing rumours, landed up in Italy in 1507.

      In Italy, Cecilio’s father opted to have a low key profile, and willingly became a peasant, convincing Cecilio to follow him. The two worked an English man’s land together until 1511, when Cecilio (motivated by his father) set off to join the brotherhood he’d heard so many rumours about.

    ▫ Additional:

      - He barely speaks a word of Italian. If you speak too fast or say something he doesn’t understand, he’ll get embarrassed at his lack of being able to communicate
      - He has a scar from his time in Spain that runs across both his eyes. This partially blinds him, and he can’t see what is above him/at eyelevel some times. If you point out his scar he gets embarrassed.
      - He got his scar from a steel whip, and is terrified of whips because of this. He’s embarrassed to admit this.
      - If you haven’t noticed, he gets embarrassed by a lot of things
      - He’s as sexually practiced as a rock. And romantic like one too.
      - He’s embarrassed about that ^
      - He owns a Bearded Vulture, that he lovingly calls Mi Gordita. [?] Though he says that name a bit too fast all the time so it sounds like Migordita
      - His pet Vulture has gotten a bit too fat, hunting down all those pigeons in Rome. She also has a very angry temper.
      - Uses his height to his advantage in battle
      - Calls anyone under 5’5” Pequeña

    ▫ Equipment:

      Training Weapons

    ▫ Storage: N/A

    ▫ Current Florins: 0 ƒ

    ▫ Total Florins: 0 ƒ
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